The University of Us

  • The University of Us, Work in Progress
  • UsU

Us•U is a life-long learning project, for adult learners of any age. Regular face to face gatherings and online peer support encourage learners to complete their courses and enjoy studying. Us•U supports enrolment on any online learning platform, or with local learning providers, including independent practitioners, such as artists and makers, writers, health and well-being experts, or skilled tradespeople. Us•U learners have opportunities to meet local learning providers who are invited to participate at Us•U gatherings and in a special ‘local learning’ online space.

For more information about Us•U on this website, click: Us•U

Important notes:

  • Us•U is a local community, peer-to-peer learning support and development project for adults.
  • Us•U/The University of Us is NOT an accredited institution and does not award any qualifications.
  • Us•U is NOT affiliated with the University of Sussex.